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Casting Egg - Large

Casting Egg - Large

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A Casting Egg is a wooden bobber egg that has wire running through it ending in loops that you attach to your main line, and attach a leader to the other end with either cut bait, a lure or fishing fly. It is designed to let you fish around rocks without hanging up. It also lets you suspend bait or a lure out where you want it. It’s a weighted float that casts a long distance with a spinning rod.  A technique developed long ago by Striped Bass anglers.

What are the screws on the eggs for?  You place the hook of your flys, teasers, jigs, bucktails or small lures on the nail and then cast. The hook releases on splashdown. Prevents the leaders from tangling on the cast.

 Easy way of casting light weight fly’s & lures with spinning gear. A technique developed long ago by Striped Bass anglers.

Large size:  2 1/2 inches   Weight: 1.83 oz


Great article at On The Water by Jimmy Fee explaining how to use the rig:


Youtube video from Surfcaster Journal on technique of Casting Egg:

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